Frequently Asked Questions!

Relations between Diaspora and home based Sierra Leoneans is always thorny .
Here are a few normally asked questions and answers to them.

Do Sierra Leoneans presently living in the Diaspora contribute to National Development?

Yes they do! According to data provided by varied sources like World Bank and even Government of Sierra Leone estimates , Diaspora contributions is between 15% to 25% of the Gross Domestic Product index. This ranges between $160 to around $300 million every year.

Why is there animosity between Diaspora and Home Based Sierra Leoneans?

The animosity between Diaspora and home based is one of mistrust ,a social factor affecting the Very nerve of the Sierra Leonean and many African societies. The issues of trust and mistrust is one of grater and passive consequence in the Sierra Leonean social framework and mind set which needs a peaceful and constructive national dialogue .The presence of mistrust retards the development and emergence of a common focus on the bigger challenges of development hence a lot of setbacks to development.

How can the animosity between Diaspora and Home based be bridged?

The first step is to institute a national dialogue and second to ensure every equal opportunities to access to the Good of the nation and the ability to vote and be voted for.

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