2 SIM Legal Action News

A group of well meaning Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora have  recentlty taken a civil  lawsuit requesting the High cours of the Republic of Sierra Leone to give a legally informed   interpretation on the issues of dual citizenship and the rights of dual citizens to be voted for as well as to vote as they are prescribed within the laws of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Diaspora Voting Right

The 2 SIM Diaspora group is presently engaged on a law suit and is  considering taking up the issues of Diaspora voting rights for every Sierra Leonean living in the Diaspora, immidiately following the conclusion of the lawsuit by the High Courts of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Citizenship Challenges Worldwide :A comparative view !

To give a good insight to members and visitors this section shall be publishing issues on Dual citizens and Diaspora voting rights as they apply in other countries and especially on the african continent.